About my writing

I write mainly drama.  I also write short stories, poems and screenplays.

I write to order as well as out of my own passion.

 My favourite response after a performance of one of my plays was:             “It made me feel something” (my 18 year old son)

susie in venetian mask

I’ve been writing drama for 14 years and gained an MA in Dramatic Writing in 2007.  I’ve won the occasional competition and have even been known to be paid…  I’ve been commissioned by Oxford County, Oxford Family Mediation, Oxford Diocese and Parenting Matters (www.parentingmatters.co.uk – see video clip) and have worked with WhatMattersTheatre to produce plays with children in school partnerships.

I’ve written sketches, short plays, long plays, community plays, school plays, nativity plays, street theatre pieces.  I’ve also written scripts for short films, a training video and some radio pieces.  I’ve helped write an autobiography and have written various short stories.

I’ve written for adults, for teenagers and for children.    I’ve written sad stuff, funny stuff, educational stuff, spiritual stuff.  I’ve written monologues and scripts with a cast of 26…  I’ve written my own stuff and also workshopped young people’s ideas and created scripts for them.

I recently completed some training in Forum Theatre with Cardboard Citizens (www.cardboardcitizens.co.uk).  Please contact me if you want to know more or would like to invite me to run a workshop.  At the moment I’ll do it for free to gain experience.

Finally – I’ve run drama groups, playwriting clubs and ‘writing for radio’ clubs for children ranged from 5 years old to 18, but mainly key stage 2.  I’ve worked in a school within the curriculum and also after school, just for fun.  In a class of 30  seven and eight year olds I didn’t find a single child who didn’t enjoy making up a drama.

If you share my view that giving children a chance to create drama is important as well as fun, then get in touch.

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